2022  Fall Events

New wines & plenty of ways to celebrate!

Dear Cinder Wine Club Members,

For information about upcoming events please read below.

We can’t wait to host you at our winery and introduce you to some new gorgeous wines!

For those who aren’t Club Members please book a reseravtion and come get to know us.

Fall Release! New Wines! (September and October)

What:  Fall Release Events.  

Options:  Reserved Tasting, Walk in Tasting 

  • Reserved Tasting: Secure a reserved table through our reservation page and enjoy a 90 minute experience as you taste throught the newest wines from Cinder, guided by our awesome Winery Associates. Feel free to add on an amazing charcuterie plate for your enjoyment. 
  • Walk In Tasting: Enjoy our relaxed walk-in seating and taste our newest wines at our Tasting Bar.  

Fall Release Timeline: 

  • August 24th: Fall Release Month Tastings begin (walk-ins and by reservation). Book Here!
  • October 16th: Fall Release Tastings end at the winery.

“Pickup” Club Member Timeline: 

  • August 23rd: “Pick Up” Member allocations placed in their online cart… you can start to customize your case of wine.
  • September 27th: “Pick Up” Club Member allocations still remaining to be picked up are billed to their account (may still customize  at winery).
  • October 23rd: FINAL DAY to Pickup Your Wine Club Allocations at winery!
  • October 24th: Any remaining “Pick Up” allocations are shipped out via FedEx at Member’s expense.

“Shipping” Club Member Fall Release Timeline: 

  • September 28th: “Shipping” Club Members allocations placed in their online cart, you can start to customize your case of wine.
  • October 10th: “Shipping” Club Member allocations are charged to their account.
  • October 18-19th: “Shipping” Club Member allocations go out via FedEx.


October Events!

What:  Crush Tours  

Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sundays  (September 30th to October 22nd) 

Times: Tours start at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm

Details:  You and your guests will be guided through a fascinating tour of Cinder Winery during our busiest time of the year “Crush”.  Guests will receive an overview of the Snake River Valley growing region and the Cinder story before touring through the winemaking operation.  You’ll gain insights into the science and art of winemaking while seeing the process and even getting your hands “dirty” in the process. There will be opportunities to learn a lot about how we create gorgeous wines and also taste some in “mid process”.  Your tour will end with a private tasting at our bar with your guide.  The entire experience lasts 90 minutes and is something you’ll remember for a long time! 

Costs:  $25/person.  Open to Club Members and their guests only.  Tour group sizes are limited to 4 people total (no children and no pets please). 

Tickets:  Make your reservations here!

What:  Foot Stomp Experience & Luncheon

Dates: Saturday, October 8th

Time: 11:30am to 2pm 

Details:  Join a small group of fellow wine-loves as we enjoy an experience that is both unique, educational and entertaining. You’ll enjoy a tour of “Crush” operations followed by the opportunity to participate in an actual “foot stomping” of our Syrah grapes. After the foot stomping, you’ll clean up and join us in the mezzanine for a nice luncheon featuring a gorgeous grazing table from Kismet Kitchen. Cinder Founder,  Joe Schnerr, will guide you through a tasting of Library wines during lunch.  (Sorry, no menu substitutions available.)

Costs:  $40/person.  Open to Club Members and their guests only.  Limit 4 tickets per Membership.

Tickets:  Coming soon.  Watch your emails. Previous attendees please refrain from purchasing tickets (we got to spread the wealth!). 

What:  Happy Hallowine Costume Contest & Party!

Dates: Saturday, October 29th

Time: 2pm to 5pm 

Details:  Get Silly, Get Creative and Get down to Cinder. There will be prizes for best costumes in these categories: Male, Female, Couple, Family, Children and Pet! 

Contest Times: Children: 2:30pm.  Family: 3pm.  Male/Female: 3:30pm.  Pets: 4pm 

Costs:  Free!  Open to Club Members and their guests only. 

Extras:  Photo Booth on site.  Candy for the kids!  Drink Specials! 




Have questions on how to navigate your account or on your allocation? Check out are frequently asked questions.