Cinder Wine’s Community Guidelines

Be understanding.
We will do our best to help however we can, but sometimes solutions take time. Trust that we will work as quickly as we can on your behalf and will keep you updated as we work towards a solution.

Communicate clearly.
If you have a question or concern, please articulate the facts of your situation clearly and in as much detail as possible. 

Be respectful.
There is a human on the other end of the phone or reading your message or working with you in our lovely Tasting Room, so please treat our team with the same respect you would expect from us. 

Cinder will not tolerate disrespectful, hateful, harmful, or inconsiderate language or actions towards members of our Cinder team, other Club Members, guests or our vendors. Actions inconsistent with these standards are immediate grounds for the termination of your Membership in the Cinder Wine Club and/or removal from the premise.


-Joe Schnerr, Founder & Owner