Tastings are now available (by reservation only) at our winery, which is now open daily from 11am – 6pm.  If you are in the area feel free to call or stop by to see if there is a table available for a tasting.  We also have a three-season patio area and bar.  This outdoor patio’s seating is available on a first-come/first-serve basis and is for by the glass or by the bottle service only.  Sorry, there are no tastings available on the outdoor patio.  We ask that all customers please wear a mask until seated and to put your mask back on when moving about the winery.  

The rest of this page serves to quickly educate new Cinder Wine Club Members on how to access, navigate and manage their club accounts online, including contact information, billing/shipping addresses, credit card details, and wine orders.  Plus there is a section on FAQ’s surrounding the upcoming Wine Club Release.

If at any time you have questions, please contact us at the Cinder Wine Club, at 208-906-0555 (direct) or [email protected]

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Cinder Wine Club Account Access + Management: 
Do I have to setup my account?

If you are already a Cinder Wine Club Member there is no need for you to re-enter your contact information. Your club account was instantly established on the date you joined Cinder Wine Club.  If you are a first time customer please follow the online prompts to create an account.

How do I log in?

From a desktop or laptop, visit and select “Sign In+” at the top right hand corner. From a tablet or phone, go to , select the “SHOP NOW” button, then select “Sign In+” at top right. You may also simply visit from any device.

What is my username and password?

Your username is the primary email address associated with your club account. Only one username email address may be used to your access account information. To either set or reset an account password, select “Forgot your password?” underneath the “SIGN IN” button on the “Sign In+” page. You may also contact the Wine Club to have us reset your password.

Fall Release Questions:
When can I view my allocation and start to customize my order & when am I billed?

Pickup Members:  You can view your allocation in your account under Pending Orders and start to customize your order (either online or over the phone) on July 21st.   You will be billed for your allocation on August 10th.

Ship Members: You can view your allocation in your account under Pending Orders and start to customize your order (either online or over the phone) on Monday, September 14th.  You will be billed for you allocation on Monday, October 5th.

When do my Fall wines ship?

For “Ship” Members, beginning Monday, October 12th, Cinder will commence shipping Wine Club Allocations across the USA (weather permitting).  On the date of shipment, Members receive FedEx tracking details via email.

When can I pick up my wines at the winery?

Club Members who are “Pickup Members” can start to pickup their orders on Tuesday, August 11th.  During these release weeks our winery will be open for pickup from 1-7pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. We ask that you please wear a mask when you come to pickup your wine.  During mild weather you can pickup your wines at our outdoor bar/pickup window.  If the outdoor bar is closed please come into the Tasting Room and the hostess will assist you.  Thank you!

What are the new wines being released?

2019 Laissez Faire White, 2019 Chardonnay, 2019 “Small Lot Series” Ville de Jardin, 2019 Verdejo, 2019 Gewürztraminer,  2018 Tempranillo, 2018 “Vera”, 2018 Valentina. Starting July 13th:  All of these can be viewed by clicking here!

What is in my suggested Fall Allocation?

Cinder 12 mix/Choice

2018 Tempranillo — 3 bottles

2018 Valentina — 2 bottles

2019 Laissez Faire White — 2 bottles

2019 Chardonnay — 2 bottles

2019 Dry Gewürztraminer — 1 bottle

2019 Verdejo — 1 bottle

2019 Small Lot Series Ville de Jardin — 1 bottle

Cinder 12 Red/Choice

2018 Tempranillo — 6 bottles

2018 Valentina — 5 bottles

2018 “Vera” — 1 bottle

Cinder 12 White/Choice

2019 Laissez Faire White — 3 bottles

2019 Chardonnay — 3 bottles

2019 Dry Gewürztraminer — 2 bottles

2019 Verdejo — 2 bottles

2019 Small Lot Series Ville de Jardin — 2 bottles

Cinder Six Mix

2018 Tempranillo — 1 bottle

2018 Valentina — 1 bottle

2019 Laissez Faire White — 1 bottle

2019 Chardonnay — 1 bottle

2019 Dry Gewürztraminer — 1 bottle

2019 Small Lot Series Ville de Jardin — 1 bottle

Cinder Six Red

2018 Tempranillo — 3 bottles

2018 Valentina — 2 bottles

2018 “Vera” — 1 bottle

Cinder Six White

2019 Laissez Faire White — 1 bottle

2019 Chardonnay — 2 bottles

2019 Dry Gewürztraminer — 1 bottle

2019 Verdejo — 1 bottle

2019 Small Lot Series Ville de Jardin — 1 bottle

What are the events you are hosting to celebrate the new wines?

We are hosting small (max guests = 30) Tasting Experiences from August 10th to August 23rd.  Those tickets go on sale July 20th at 10am MST.  Click Here to reserve your table.

How To Navigate Your Online Account:
Section I - My Account

Within Section I of your online club account, you may edit your billing address, phone number, DOB, email address(es), as well as password.

Section II - My Card on File

Here you may edit credit card information associated with your club account, as well as add/delete credit cards on file. You may also designate a primary card for wine club authorizations. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover.

Section III - My Wine Club Membership

Here you may view and edit certain Wine Club details, such as delivery method (ship wine orders or pick up wine orders at the winery), primary shipping address (if applicable), and primary credit card designation for wine club authorizations.

Cinder Wine Club membership is At-Will. There are neither fees, nor dues associated with membership, beyond the minimum wine club purchases each Spring and Fall. We welcome your club membership and participation for as long as you please. You may move from one Cinder Wine Club to another, at anytime, at your discretion. To switch clubs, please contact the Wine Club or come by the winery tasting room for assistance. You may cancel your wine club membership at anytime by contacting the Wine Club.

Section IV - Editing & managing my Pending Release

Here you may view and edit your Fall Wine allocation order, as well as change your default delivery method (Pick-Up At Winery vs. Ship My Order). You may also designate another shipping address. Select “UPDATE ORDER” and then “CLOSE” to revise your wine selections.

As the order is “Pending,” no charges have transacted to your credit card. On the day your Allocation is built it beomes “pending” and you receive an email alert. Three weeks after your order is built we will process your allocation order to your credit card on file in your club account.  During these three weeks you may return often to this section to revise your final wine selections.

Please Remember: For all 6-Bottle Wine Club Members, should your wine order total 12 or more bottles, wine club discounts increase from 10% to 15%, and complimentary FedEx Ground shipping is included (where applicable). All 12-Bottle Club Members receive 20% off 12 (or more) bottle orders, and
complimentary FedEx Ground shipping is always included on ship orders of 12 (or more) bottles.

Specific wines and their quantities are allocated for all Wine Clubs, except for 12-Your-Choice. Allocated wines may not be substituted. However, Members may personalize their wine orders beyond the allocated wines and minimums set forth by the winemaker. 12-Your-Choice Members have a pending allotment of 12 wines, suggested by our winemaker. Still, 12-Choice members are most welcome to designate any 12 (or more) bottles of their choosing for their Fall wine allotment. If we receive no changes to these initial suggestions, on then the order will be processed to the credit card on file. Even then, 12-Choice members may still revise their final selections prior to shipment (via email or phone) or if they are picking up their wine they may customize upon pick-up in the tasting room, via email or over the phone.

Section V - My order history

Here you will find your complete order archives. You may review, reprint, and/or reorder previous online and tasting room orders.