August 20th, 2016

This past summer Melanie & I were able to do something that we have worked over a decade for when we finally purchased the building that our winery has grown up in!


We both logged many a long night at the winery as we crafted the first 5 vintages pretty much by ourselves.  It meant for a lot of long nights and a sleepy couple during the harvest months of September and October…but Melanie makes beautiful wines and we were able to put together a great team that loves to make and sell world-class wines.  Thankfully we have them with us now so that we could grow our little family business into something that feeds several families now and hopes to continue to enrich the community.

There are too many people we could thank for helping us make it this far, our landlord, the first restaurants to buy our wine, our parents, our very loyal customers…the list goes on and on…and I can’t list everyone here because I have to go taste through some fermenting batches of wine with my Melanie.
So let me just say this…. Thank you everyone for being part of this Idaho Adventure, we’ll continue to make beautiful wine from the Snake River Valley for all of to enjoy…the future is bright here!

-Joe and Melanie

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