April 07th, 2016

Hello folks! This is Hailey Alexander, Cinder’s Enologist, and in the last few weeks I have been reminiscing about the harvest, the wines, and in particular with this awesome warm weather, our Rosé! Here is one my memories from a competitive tasting that Melanie and I did with a few of the other employees:

It is a bustling Wednesday afternoon in the winery, filled to the brim with the scent of freshly racked wine and fresh fruit.  A spread of salmon pink wines is laid out before Melanie, Laura and myself, as well as a big bowl of ripe melons -cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon.  The wines, ranging from our own dry style Rosé made in the Snake River Valley, to ones make in the Côtes de Provence of France, are chilled and poured delicately into the stemware before us.  Melanie skeptically brings her nose to the glass that has our Cinsault inside its crystal compound.  Diligent and studious she analyzes the wine with a discerning demeanor.  Still to this day, even after 4 ½ years of working for her, it amazes me how even with all the words of encouragement in the world from myself, Laura, even Kelly and Leslie from Coiled, she still finds a way to ask herself “Is this good enough?”.

When I lift the glass to my face I am greeted with intense aromas; ripe honeydew, a touch of Alpine strawberries.  On the mouth the wine is all easy drinking, rich in texture, fruity flavors with a bright and luxurious acid balance.  My mind immediately goes to food, and the endless pairing ideas that come with a wine of this caliber.  Shrimp ceviche, a green salad with walnuts, diced apples and a strawberry vinaigrette- even chicken and waffles with a fruit compote!  “Wine for breakfast?” some of you might ask, and without skipping a beat I would reach for this wine at 10 a.m. and reply “yes”.  The melons paired amazing with this new vintage of blush wine, the honeydew in particular really stealing the show for this impromptu tasting.  The wines from France were delicious, more austere and lean than ours. It could be biased, but I think this Cinsault Rosé is in a whole other league, really giving France a run for their money.  Even with all that said, Melanie was still cautious to accept all of our doting, but for this I am grateful.  It is for this very reason that I believe Melanie continues to produce some of the best wine made in the Snake River Valley.”

The ladies in the tasting room have already told me this Rosé is going fast. I’ve bought my case. Have you? Click here before it is gone.