Friday, October 18th @ 5:00pm -8:00pm

Check Out Elizabeth Hilton’s Work in the Cinder Art Gallery!


Join us as we welcome the latest artist in the Cinder art gallery! Elizabeth Hilton’s beautiful artwork is heavily influenced by the nostalgia of growing up in Boise before it turned into the urban sprawl that it is today— finding beauty in abandonment.

“Throughout my life I will sometimes get these whiffs of nostalgia. I can smell the mold and feel the wet grass under the blanket. I can see stains on a blue striped mattress and touch the springs sticking out in rusty spirals. I keep imaging the story told in the descent into abandonment, the people that lived there and then left. With painting I can go back there. I love to find that crazy old wallpaper or fixture (something my mom won’t make me return) and use those things to create something new. Then for me these paintings are both, the past and the present.” (Hilton)

  • Date: Saturday, October 18th
  • Time: 5-8pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Food Truck: Sushi Shack
  • All-ages Venue!
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    Date: October 18th
    Time: 5:00pm -8:00pm
    Event Category: Art Gallery At The Winery


    107 East 44th Street , Garden City , ID
    83714 • United States