November 12th, 2018


Harvest has officially come to an end at Cinder. While the cellar crew is excited to finally get some sleep, the rest of us can’t help but miss the juice samples straight from the press, and the heavenly smell of the fermenting fruit that filled the winery. We can’t necessarily say we’ll miss constant beeping of the O2 monitors, or Jamey and Rick honking at us to get out of the way of the forklift barreling through the tasting room, but you get the picture. There isn’t anything quite like a harvest in the wine industry– it’s a lot of long hours, and late nights, followed up by gallons of coffee, and way too many burritos from the taco truck down the road (special thanks to Tacos El Rey, we wouldn’t have made it through harvest without you).

Merlot from Scoria

Other than a bin of fruit taking a bit of a tumble off of the forklift, harvest went off without a hitch. We gathered some beautiful fruit from quite a few awesome vineyards this year like Scoria, Williamson, Bankhead, and Sawtooth. We’re so thankful for the mild winter we had last year, because we were able to harvest almost all of our fruit from the Snake River Valley AVA. Thanks for having our back this year, Mother Nature!

It’ll be a while before we reveal the finished products, so for now, I’ll just have to tempt you with some gossip–  there’s been talk of Riesling, murmurs of Mourvèdre, whispers of Gewürztraminer, and while I can’t say for sure, I think I heard some hushed voices discussing Merlot. The less secretive project that the winemaking team has been working on is Cinder’s first-ever Port-style wine! Hailey, our assistant winemaker, has been pushing Melanie on this for years, and it’s finally happening! More on this topic later…

Port & Paella Dance Party

As far as production goes, we got our wonderful customers and Wine Club Members to do most of the work. We had multiple foot stomping parties and crush tours so that we could educate and get people excited about the winemaking process. You would be surprised how easy it is to get others to do your work when you put up a disco ball and give them wine. The production team was more than willing to hand over the punchdown tools to the guests who wanted to give punchdowns a try. We even would have let our Wine Club Members drive the forklift, but I think there’s some sort of liability issue there.

Jokes aside, we had such a wonderful harvest this year. We believe that the 2018 vintage might be our best one yet, and we’re so excited to share the finished products with all of you. We can’t thank our winemaking team enough for all of the hard work, long hours, and late nights they put into crush. They made a lot of great wine, and drank all of our beer along the way. Cheers!

-Eliza Mularski