October 14th, 2021



2021 Crush has proceeded at a break-neck pace.

All the hot days in early summer cued us up for an early start (Sept 4th) and a fast pace of ripening. Even though we’ve barely started October, we’re expecting the last of our grapes to come in this week.  Another week of pressing after that and our harvest will be in the bag (or the barrel).  Thanks to the heat, we should have intense red wines, as the vines grew very small berries.  The more skin compared to juice, the more rich the red wines will taste.  So we’re starting to taste some really good tannins on the reds this year.


Fortunately for us, we live in a region with drip-irrigated vineyards.  This means the growers were able to moderate Mother Nature’s high temperatures with a little extra water for the white wine grapes, so we should produce nice balanced white and rosé wines in spite of the heat.  Hot years tend to favor reds and cool years favor whites, but it’s our job to make lovely wines every year, and I think we will do it again in 2021.  Thanks to the Cinder Crew and Snake River Valley Growers for making this intense harvest so smooth and enjoyable.


-Melanie Krause,  Winemaker