“It’s no secret that we love Syrah and this creation is another example of why. We took some of our favorite lots, kept the stems on and crushed them by foot. The fermentation and aging process then gave us one wild, lush Syrah. You won’t be able to tame her, so just enjoy.”

                                                                        —Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2014 vintage in the Snake River Valley was strong for both red and white wines.  From the perspective of the winemaker, it was about as close to a perfect year as you can get!  There were plenty of warm days in mid-summer to ripen the grapes, but also a long, cool fall allowed for flavors to develop ahead of sugars. The growing season presented close to long-term averages with budbreak in mid-April, gradual warming in May and June, hot temperatures (90’s) in July and August, then cooling off to the 70’s and 80’s for September and October.

Tasting Notes

The aromas remind us of hiking through the woods after a rainstorm, there’s wild fruit and wet forest floor with eucalyptus and tobacco notes.

Production Notes

The Foot Stomp Syrah is part of our Small Lot Series which we created in order to explore unusual varieties and winemaking techniques with our Wine Club members. This wine showcases old-school winemaking techniques and Syrah grapes from a blockbuster harvest!  Grapes were hand harvested, then foot stomped with their stems included (called whole cluster fermentation).  We co-fermented with 5% Viognier.  10% of the batches were fermtened with native yeast.  We then aged the wine for 16 months in barrels (40% new, 30% 2nd and 3rd use barrels of American oak, 30% neutral barrels).  Bottled in February 2016.  Aged 1 year in bottle before release.

The Vineyards

Williamson, Sawtooth, Skyline

Pairing Suggestions

Enjoy with black pepper filet mignon, elk and venison chili, or perhaps bake up some sweetbreads and open a bottle. This would also be amazing with your favorite buffalo burger recipe.  Get wild and GO BIG!