“I love the dual nature of Rosé; essentially a white wine made from red grapes. While the hint of its red-grape origin engages the sense of sight, the winemaking methods preserve the delicate aromas you expect in a white wine. Crafted to maximize its refreshing essence and fruit-forward aromas, it’s a perfect wine for those hot summer days. Go pink!”

– Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

2017 was a tumultuous vintage for Snake River Valley wineries. A dramatic cold front with temperatures below -15 F during the previous January reduced the yields by about 70%. The Snake River Valley proceeded to have a year with temeratures slightly over the 20-year average, with Growing Degree Days topping out at 3100. For the grapes that survived the winter, quality was excellent with fresh aromatic white wines and rich red wines. Due to the reduced yield, we reached out to our neighbors in Columbia Valley to supplement our grape supply, where they have an average year in terms of heat accumulation (2600-3200) in the vineyards we sourced from. High snow and rainfall in both regions during the winter and spring led to increased canopy size, but careful viticultural practices and a warm summer counter-balanced the effect.

Tasting Notes

Watermelon aromas mix with fresh mint and alpine strawberries while the texture is delicate with enough acid to refresh the senses.

Production Notes

This year’s Dry Rosé was made from Syrah. Harvested at 20-22 Brix. It was destemmed and left to sit on the skins for one hour. Then we pressed it at low pressure for around 2.5 hours. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures. Bottling took place in January. 370 cases produced.

The Vineyards

Airfield, Kamiak

Pairing Suggestions

This is the perfect porch sipper and can be enjoyed by itself whenever you’re sitting in the sun. Want to get crazy with a meal? Then think breakfast! Perhaps chicken and waffles with goat cheese and a strawberry compote.

When to Drink

Enjoy now and often!


Double Gold – 2017 Cascadia Wine Competition