“Beautiful everyday wine for the sophisticated palate, Laissez Faire is medium-bodied, with bright fruit and subtle spice flavors. Higher in acid and lower in tannins, this wine has more in common with its European cousins, which are crafted for the dinner (and lunch!) table. Set your table with Laissez Faire and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, every day.”

                                              —Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2016 vintage was a warm, gentle season, unusually long for the Snake River Valley, with a cool fall. The spring started early and warm, the summer was gentle with lots of days in the 90’s but few over 100 degrees F. September cooled down significantly, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and the winemaker to pick at exactly the optimal time for the style desired. The yield was ample enough to merit thinning the crop to leave only the best clusters. The white wines are elegant with lively, balanced acids and the reds are intensely fruity with long, textured finishes. 3100 growing degree days.

Tasting Notes

Laissez Faire is just what its name implies, a “let it be” wine in terms of winemaking style, and drinking style. It is made to be the discerning wine drinker’s midweek wine. This red wine is similar in style to a traditional European table wine, with a light-medium extraction, low oak influence, and lots of food friendly acid on the finish. Fresh red fruit on the nose meets raspberries and cooked pie cherries in the mouth. The wine ends with dried fruits and spices on the finish.

Production Notes

Grapes are picked, destemmed, then fermented whole berry with native yeasts.  Pressed after 5-6 days on the skins, then aged in old oak barrels for 6 months.  Malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrels.  Bottled in March 2017. 1700 cases produced.

The Vineyards

Sawtooth, Williamson, Symms, Dave Daniel, Skyline

Pairing Suggestions

The lively, acidic finish compliments tomato based pastas, stuffed grape leaves or your favorite cigar.  Drinks well slightly chilled in the hot summer months.


2016- Gold Medal- San Francisco International Wine Competition