“This white wine blend is a perfect example of why Joe and I created the Small Lot Series.  This a chance for the Wine Club to explore along with the winemaking team, a non-traditional blend.  Enjoy the heady aromas of this alchemist’s dream.”

—Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2013 vintage was great from the winemaking perspective for both red and white wines. The rapid accumulation of heat during the summer insured that the grapes matured fully. A cooling trend during the fall gave the grapes time to develop additional flavors and allowed the winemakers to precisely time the picking dates for optimal style expression. The 2013 vintage showed patterns similar to long-term averages with bud-break around the 20th of April, gradual warming in May and June, hot weather (averages in the mid 90’s) in July and August, and then cool temperatures starting in mid-September. Total heat accumulation of 3030 heat units.

Tasting notes

The 2013 Ville De Jardin is a non-traditional blend made in a non-traditional style. This is a Muscat Blanc-Viognier blend, fermented completely dry. This wine is an exploration of a dry Muscat wine, something rarely encountered in the world of wine. The result is an amazingly powerful white wine. The aromas are an intense mixture of lychee fruit, peaches and apricot. The body is creamy with a tart, lingering finish. Flavors of lemon grass and rose hip stay with you long after the wine has touched your tongue. If you thought 2012 was an aromatic vintage, prepare yourself!

Production notes

Grapes are hand-picked in September then pressed whole-cluster. Juice is settled to clarify, then put into barrels for fermentation. Native and commercial yeasts are used. Barrels are a least 3 years old.  After the primary fermentation, lees are stirred several times to enhance texture. No malolactic fermentation used. Aged in the barrels for 8 months. Wine is filtered and bottled in May.

The Vineyards

Sawtooth Vineyards.

Pairing Suggestions

Possibly the ultimate wine to pair with cheese, the richer and stinkier the cheese, the better. Just try to knock back those wine aromas, you can’t!

– Joe Schnerr, owner

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