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Hailey Alexander came to us at Cinder at the young age of 18. She started on the bottling line as temporary help, but immediately fell in love with the winery. Soon, we couldn’t make her leave. Since then, she has completed seven harvests… including traveling to the Southern Hemisphere to complete a harvest in New Zealand! Our resident nerd enjoys reading/writing, playing D&D, and exploring Idaho’s restaurants when she is not whispering to the wine yeast.

What do you do at Cinder?

I babysit wines, and try to get the winemaker to sit down with me for 5 minutes.

What is your favorite part of working in the Idaho wine industry?

Seeing consumer’s shocked faces when they realize, “Yes, there is great wine in Idaho!”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Kevin Bacon’s energy absorbing power from X-Men: First Class. Ka-pow!

If you had a different profession that required it (i.e. pirate, rapper, DJ, etc.), what would your “nom de plume” be?

MC Cellar Hound- I sniff out the exceptional barrels!

What is your theme song?

“She Don’t Use Jelly” by The Flaming Lips

What is your favorite book?

“Stranger” by Albert Camus