“Beautiful everyday wine for the sophisticated palate, Laissez Faire is a fresh wine crafted for enjoyment any night of the week.  Aromas of citrus and Granny Smith apple are followed by a refreshingly crisp finish.  Set your table with Laissez Faire and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, every day.”

—Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2014 vintage in the Snake River Valley was strong for both red and white wines.  From the perspective of the winemaker, it was about as close to a perfect year as you can get!  There were plenty of warm days in mid-summer to ripen the grapes, but also a long, cool fall allowed for flavors to develop ahead of sugars. The growing season presented close to long-term averages with budbreak in mid-April, gradual warming in May and June, hot temperatures (90’s) in July and August, then cooling off to the 70’s and 80’s for September and October.

Tasting Notes

Stone fruit mingles with a touch of citrus while the minerality on the finish makes the experience crisp and refreshing.

Production Notes

Laissez Faire is just what its name implies, a “let it be” wine in terms of winemaking and drinking style. Fermented slowly in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures for 1 month. Settled for 3 months prior to filtration and bottling in January. Use of stainless steel and quick bottling preserve the freshest fruit aromas and flavors. Proprietary blend of white wine varieties used.

The Vineyards

Sawtooth Vineyard and Symms Vineyard

Pairing suggestions

With the lean, refreshing finish we recommend contrasting this wine with rich seafood such as crab rangoon, shrimp scampi or lobster salad.