“The Dry Rosé is a versatile food wine and can be used in place of many dry white wines such as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Its light body and refreshing finish make it a good choice for brunches, lunches, and summer patio dining. Pairs well with salads and lighter fair like seafood or pesto dishes. It can also be used as a counterpoint to heavier foods like barbecue, rich cheeses, and creamy concoctions, where the wine will cleanse the palate for the next bite.”

– Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2015 vintage was not only our 10th anniversary harvest, but also Idaho’s 2nd hottest year on record. This resulted in an early harvest for this milestone vintage, with our first fruit coming into the winery the last week of August, and getting our average heat accumulation to 3400. The Snake River Valley started cooling off around mid-September, which helped develop flavors. Yields were small due to a 2014 November freeze, and cold weather during bud-break in April. We can certainly say that Mother Nature threw us a curveball of conditions as the growing season presented itself quicker, with budbreak in early to mid-April, gradual warming in May with temperature spikes in June. July and August were relatively tame, before cooling off to the 70’s and 80’s for September and October. These conditions created highly aromatic whites, and mature, flavorful reds. Mother Nature gave us a few grey hairs in 2015 but what she served us in the end was worth it!

Tasting Notes

The Dry Rosé is our answer to the sizzling hot days of a Boise summer. This wine offers fresh strawberry and watermelon aromas, but the flavors emphasize minerality and a lively, elegant finish.

Production Notes

This year’s Dry Rosé was made from Cinsault, a new grape for us here at Cinder. We brought in these beautifully big clusters at 20 brix, in order to capture as much bright acid and fresh fruit flavors as possible. It was destemmed and left to sit on the skins for just over 13 hours. This was a huge contrast to the 30 minutes we normally leave our Syrah in contact with the skins! Then we pressed it at low pressure for around 2.5 hours. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures. Bottling took place in January. 180 cases produced.

The Vineyards

100% Rosé of Cinsault from Sawtooth Vineyard.

Pairing Suggestions

The breakfast wine of Spanish laborers… Melanie & her mother observed Spanish construction workers in the city of Barcelona enjoying a breakfast of eggs, chorizo and Rosé. We’d recommend it for brunch with french toast or quiche! Later in the day try it with barbecued sticky wings or a beautiful summer salad. Our favorite is a spinach salad with feta cheese and fresh strawberries.