Harvest Report

October 3rd, 2017: Kamiak Vineyard, Columbia Valley AVA, WA- Happy Grapes

Cooler temperatures over the last week forced us to put production on hold… and give our cellar crew a much-needed break! But the return of the sunshine has put the fruit on the perfect path for ripening. Melanie is currently in beautiful Kamiak Vineyard, the last vineyard on the Snake River, harvesting Syrah which we will use to blend with Idaho fruit to make our classic Syrah.

Harvest Report

September 19th, 2017: Airfield Estate, Yakima AVA, WA.

Behold the gorgeous Syrah that is now being harvested and pressed at Airfield Estate in the heart of the Yakima Valley AVA in Washington. This will be used for the Cinder Dry Rosé that will be released in the Spring of 2018.

Although Mother Nature forced us to look outside of the Snake River Valley for fruit, Melanie found it at this beautiful vineyard in Washington’s oldest and most established AVA where she says even now, “It tastes good!”

She’s so modest.

Harvest Report

September 12th, 2017: Naches Heights AVA, WA.- The Evolution of a Cinder Small Lot Series Wine

Each year, our winemaker Melanie produces are barrel or two of “Small Lot Series” wines for Cinder. These one-of-a-kind wines are produced in limited quantity and sold exclusively to our Wine Club Members. With these wines, our customers get the chance to experience the very best of what our winemaker has to offer, as she works with different varietals or experiments with different fermentation styles that she does not employ with our traditional lineup of Cinder wines. What makes these wines super special is that only Mother Nature knows if Melanie will ever make them again.

So, what is catching her eye now for the 2018 release? Melanie is looking at some Marsanne from the Naches Heights AVA in Washington that could possibly be used in a SLS white wine blend… Get excited!

September 7th, 2017

Harvest Report

September 7th, 2017: Kamiak Vineyard, WA.- “Let them drink Rosé!”

Melanie has heard the anguished cries of “more Rosé” from the masses and alas, the first Syrah is being picked today for next year’s 2017 Rosé.

Approximately 7 tons were harvested from Washington’s Kamiak Vineyard, pressed there, and will be trucked back to Cinder for fermentation. Kamiak is the last vineyard located along the Snake River Valley.

We are calling it the “Smokey Rosé” due to the numerous fires burning in and around Washington. 

September 5th, 2017

Harvest Report

September 5th, 2017: First Day of Harvest!

These photos were taken by Melanie at Cold Springs Vineyard TODAY where she and our cellar crew are busy picking the first of our Chardonnay grapes for the 2017 harvest.

You can see the smoke in the air due to the many fires burning in the Pacific Northwest. While it doesn’t make for a very picturesque photo, the smoke will not have any effect on the flavor of the wine.

Rest assured, we will be filling up MANY of these buckets with ripe fruit- guess how many buckets it takes to fill one 1-ton bin?