“I’m highlighting the Mourvèdre variety for the Small Lot series because of its beautiful performance in 2012.  Mourvèdre takes a long time to ripen, so the long, hot season of 2012 was a great year for achieving optimal flavor development.  The most intriguing character of this grape is the black and white pepper characteristics that add depth to many Southern Rhone-style wines (Syrah based).  In our rendition we find a great balance of the spice character with fresh black currant and red cherry flavors with a warm, round feel in the mouth.”

-Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2012 vintage returned to a normal weather pattern after two years of exceptionally cool summers. The weather warmed up gradually from April to June then finished the season with hot weather in July, August, and September. Cool fall temperatures started around the middle of October and the first hard frost occurred in November. The 2012 vintage wines are showing ripe flavor profiles, rich textures, and strong tannins.

Tasting notes

The spice rack aromas fill the senses with aromas of black and white peppercorns, warm raspberries and a hint of cinnamon.  The wine has a bright cherry color, round textures in the mouth with flavors of black currant and pie-cherry.  Finish is smooth, with lingering touches of red fruits and black pepper.

Production notes

The first batch of Mourvedre grapes was hand harvested on October 10, 2012 from Sawtooth Vineyard at 24.9 brix.  The second batch was hand harvested on October 15th from Williamson Vineyard at 24.7 brix.  The grapes were destemmed, and then fermented in 1-ton batches for 8 days before pressing off the skins and finishing primary fermentation in barrel.  Malolactic fermentation also took place in barrels over two months.  Oak used was a blend of French and American oak from multiple coopers.  Age of the barrels included one new barrel, one 2nd use barrel, and three 3rd to 5th use barrels.  The wine was racked off gross lees in February 2013, and then returned to barrels to age for 16 months total.  Wine was bottled in February 2014.

Vineyard notes

Sawtooth Vineyard & Williamson Vineyard


Pairing Suggestions

The medium body and bright acidity on the finish will allow this wine to be enjoyed with a wide variety of pairings from heavy-weight meats like steak and game, to lighter selections of chicken and salmon.  Try serving where you would normally choose a Pinot Noir.  Opening before dinner with a selection of cheeses, or pairing with Idaho-raised trout grilled with fresh vegetables are some of our favorites.

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