“Beautiful everyday wine for the sophisticated palate, Laissez Faire is medium-bodied, with bright fruit and subtle spice flavors.  Higher in acid and lower in tannins, this wine has more in common with its European cousins, which are crafted for the dinner (and lunch!) table.  Set your table with Laissez Faire and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, every day.”

—Melanie Krause, Winemaker

The Vintage

The 2013 vintage was great from the winemaking perspective for both red and white wines. The rapid accumulation of heat during the summer insured that the grapes matured fully. A cooling trend during the fall gave the grapes time to develop additional flavors and allowed the winemakers to precisely time the picking dates for optimal style expression. The 2013 vintage showed patterns similar to long-term averages with bud-break around the 20th of April, gradual warming in May and June, hot weather (averages in the mid 90’s) in July and August, and then cool temperatures starting in mid-September. Total heat accumulation of 3030 heat units.

Tasting Notes

Laissez Faire is just what it’s name implies, a “let it be” wine in terms of winemaking style, and drinking style.  Made to be the discerning wine drinker’s midweek wine.  Similar in style to a traditional European table wine, with a light-medium extraction, low oak use, and lots of food friendly acid on the finish. Spicey notes of black pepper and red current on the nose. Medium body with layers of fruit and spice flavors.  Finishes clean with bright acidity for great food pairing.

Production Notes

Grapes are handpicked, destemmed, then fermented whole berry with native yeasts.  Pressed after 5-6 day on the skins, then aged in old oak barrels for 9 months.  Malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrels.  Bottled in May 2014.

The Vineyards

Sourced from Williamson, Sawtooth, and Martin Brothers Vineyards.

Pairing Suggestions

This is a wine that is sophisticated enough to serve with a formal meal but light enough to pair with casual meals. The lively, acidic finish compliments tomato based pastas and pizza.  Drinks well slightly chilled in the hot summer months.

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